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In Lozère, in the heart of the Cévennes National Park, on la Cham des Bondons, at an altitude of 1,200 metres, there is a magnificent hill ... a hill called ...


 Allegre ... and, in the background, the Gorges du Tarn


In summer, the area attracts a lot of visitors ... There are more and more tourists. (The famous Gorges du Tarn are only a stone's throw from there).

But in winter the place is deserted ...

This hill called Allegre has her twin ... Mariette. There is also a third hill ... l'Eschino d'Aze, that looks like a big stomach ... (Two breasts and a big stomach... The body of a petrified giantess) ... Look at the following photograph ... the hill on the right is Allegre ... click on Mariette (in the middle) and click on l'Eschino d'Aze (on the left).


the body of a  lain down giantess


In winter, you'd think you were in Siberia (storms of snow), it is impossible to stay here. And yet, our prehistoric ancestors have chosen this plateau to erect 150 menhirs ... 150 menhirs they have placed around these three hills ...

(A body of a giantess ... a limestone giantess ... a woman with splendid breasts, generous stomach ... a well-rounded giantess surrounded by 150 granitic phallus ... Great heavens !!!) ...

Over the centuries, the standing stones are fallen down ... why ??? ... In 1995, the D.R.A.C. (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles) has put 80 of them backup. But others are still down (and maybe for a long time) ...

Under one of them, it is said that an old "knitter" woman is buried, but it's a legend.


Menhirs ??? ... there are small, tall, big, oblong, turgid, phallic, and all are granite stones (and yet, la Cham des Bondons is a limestone plateau ) ... on top of that ... you can click them ...


(This man is crazy, he sees phallus everywhere, and he invents a giantess with three hills).

I'm not crazy ... I have intuition ... I have stuck one's nose into the land registers (cadastre). It was a good idea, a brainwave ...


These three hills, this stomach and these breasts (can be seen for dozens kilometres around) belong to a mythological being, a supernatural being known as


(the Old Woman)

La Vieille is "the" star of land registers, the queen of cadastre (Napoleonic files 1810 - 1812 - 1813 etc...) ... She is everywhere ... Numerous plots of land bear her name in the surrounding area (within a 50 km radius) ... le rocher de la Vieille (the rock of the Old Woman), la pierre de la Vieille (the stone of the Old Woman), la mauvaise Vieille (the bad Old Woman), la Vieille, la Vieille morte (the dead Old Woman), etc... etc... etc...


These five keywords should be noted: the Old Woman (la Vieille), big stomach, Bondons, breasts and phallus menhirs 

and please, click on the prehistoric statuette (below) ...


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