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Sawyers of Old Woman

"Rességuen la vieillo, la vieillo, rességuen la vieillo, anet"


I don't go and tell you everything ... of course ... (I'm not crazy).

Megalithism ??? Five years' research in this field (Departmental Archives, university libraries, public libraries) ... Five years !!! ... it's no small thing.

Well! ... I could stop there, but it would not be sympa, and I'm a nice guy ... I think additional information is required ...

This Old Woman (cette Vieille) does exist ... it is not a made-up story ... She was known everywhere in France. Her worship (primitive megalithism, first religion) has become widespread among prehistoric tribes ... We find her trace in Brittany (Forest of Brocéliande, Pointe du Raz, and numerous estuaries), in Auvergne, in Vendée, in the Alps, in the South of France.

To date, concerning France, I have made an inventory of 320 elements relating to this Old Woman, (or bearing her name)(legends, customs and places) ...

We find her trace also (with cast-iron proof available, of course) in the Mediterranean area: Morocco, Palestine, Ancient Greece, Carpathians, etc ... and in the Book of Genesis (in which she plays a bad part), in the Koran too, in Celtic or Mediterranean legends, in Latin texts: ...

"Nunc mihi, cur cantent superest obscaena puellae ... Dicere : nam coeunt, certaque probra canunt. ... Nuper erat Dea facta : venit Gradivus ad Annam; ... Et cum seducta talia verba facit: ... Mense meo coleris ... etcaetera ... etcaetera ..." 

If you don't have time to read The Scriptures or the Latin texts, click these three French books ... (unhappily, the English version doesn't exist).


the Great Goddess does exist

the secret of standing stones

the Old Woman's arse

One or two further details ... May I suggest that all prehistorians and specialists of megalithism of the whole world (if they don't want to lose face) come to la Cham des Bondons, in the Cévennes National Park, to examine this phenomenon ... to scan la Vieille.

And if I was right ?!

(Who on earth does he think he is ?)

General De Gaulle said: "Je prefère un chercheur qui trouve à un chercheur qui cherche"

He was right ... and I'm right.

I'd like to found sponsors to continue my investigations. I'd like to meet movie-directors, producers (executive or not), cdrom designers. I'd like to found scientists or prehistorians too (no French prehistorians) ...

Your suggestions, remarks and comments are welcome ... Thank you ... and please, let's go back to the homepage to click on the webmaster ...




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